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Leather Cutting Machines and Die Cutting Presses (Clicker Press) for leather goods and footwear

Cowboy CB-10, CB-12, CB-16, and CB-20 Hydraulic Clicker Press

The Cowboy Model CB-16 hydraulic clicker press offers an excellent combination of value and versatility. This clicker press offers a higher tonnage alternative to other lower rated machines in the market, and yet the price of the leather clicker press is very affordable. This hydraulic swing beam clicker press can be used to both emboss leather using an embossing plate and cut leather using steel rule cutting dies.

The CB-16 generates over 16 US tons of cutting pressure. This hydraulic clicker press features a height adjustable beam to accommodate for different thicknesses of die stock as well as an aluminum plate on the underside of the cutting beam which is replaceable.

There are 4 different tonnages available in this series. 10 ton, 12 ton, 16 ton, and 20 ton.

The CB-16 leather clicker press features a heavy steel frame designed for industrial use cycles. The polypropylene cutting pad on the bed of the machine is easily replaced should it become worn.

The heavy duty hydraulic pump and cylinder of this clicker press is designed for heavy use cycles in an industrial setting. Yet this hydraulic clicker press is priced low enough that it is easily affordable for the small shop owner.

16 tons of continuous cutting pressure insures that the CB-16 will deliver enough force to use a wide variety of small, medium, and large cutting dies of variable height and thickness.

The cutting bed is sized at approximately 17X36 inches. The cutting beam is approximately 13 inches wide.

The hydraulic swing beam clicker press features an adjustable stroke timer which allows the user to control how long the machine takes to complete a compression cycle by virtue of the length of the stroke. For instance if an individual were cutting with steel rule dies the cycle time can be set for the quickest time and shortest stroke. If an individual were using the machine to emboss work using an embossing plate, the cycle timer could be set for maximum delay and longest stroke to allow for the embossing plate to leave a deep and crisp impression on the work.

The die cutting press machine has a fail safe safety mechanism built in using two joystick controllers. Both buttons must be pressed simultaneously in order for the machine to cycle. This keeps the operator's hands clear of the work.

The comparatively low price of the CB-16 when compared to other smaller tonnage machines in the market makes it an ideal choice for the small shop or manufacturer that is seeking a machine capable of producing higher tonnage than the 8-12 ton machines available in this price range. A full 16 tons of power is available with the CB-16 machine at a price that is competitive with much smaller machines.

The CB-16 swing arm hydraulic cutting press runs off of commonly available 220v single phase current. Many clicker presses of this type are made to run on 3 phase current, making them impractical for the small shop owner. The CB-16 hydraulic clicker press is set to run on 220v single phase at no additional charge. Many sellers of these machines charge close to $1000.00 for this upgrade Try a CB-16 hydraulic swing beam clicker press for your next clicker purchase and allow us to show you the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!!!

Cowboy CB-22A, CB-25A, and CB-28A Hydraulic Swing Arm Clicker Press

The Model CB-22A, CB-25A, and CB-28A leather and heavy material clicking machines offer the absolute best in product performance, reliability and versatility. These hydraulic swing arm clicker press are sold in 22, 25, and 28 ton versions respectively. These hydraulic swing beam clicker presses are available with a selector switch on the machine (optional) to vary the tonnage of each machine depending on usage or application. The selector switch varies the power available to the cutting deck in three different settings: Low, medium, and high. This allows the user to determine the correct power setting based on the the size of the cutting die or embossing plate used.

These hydraulic swing beam clicker press are available in 220 volt single phase power or 220v 3 phase power. Unlike other sellers of these machines, there is no additional up charge for a 220v single phase power setting. 220v single phase power is the preferred power setting for use in small shops and factories.

The Cowboy CB-22A, CB-25A, and CB-28A leather clicker presses also feature variable stroke timer settings which allow the user of the machine to regulate the amount of time it takes to vary the down stroke of the machine. This enables the user to regulate the time the machine takes to complete a stroke cycle. This is a very useful tool when using the machine for embossing functions, where a longer stroke time is desired.

These hydraulic clicker press, also feature many interchangeable parts with the ATOM clickers and the design has been proven over many years of service.

Consider a Cowboy swing beam die cutting press for your next clicker purchase and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!

828B Automatic lifting slings cutting machine (hot cutter) with automatic feeding equipment: this heavy duty hot knife webbing cutting machine is designed for heat cutting 200mm webbing made of Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene. The temperature of top and bottom heating blades is up to 600 C. It is almost necessary to have automatic feeding device if you put lifting and lashing straps in trolly, instead of rolls.

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