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205-370 Premium heavy duty leather sewing machine for saddle makers, leather workers and manufacturers of harnesses

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The Cowboy Model CB 205-370 and CB 205-370-40 models are an ideal choice for sewing heavy leathers.

Based on a popular German design and German engineeering, these machines are an excellent choice for those persons seeking a technologically advanced sewing machine for sewing leather, nylon webbing, heavy canvas, beta and biothane webbing, as well as various coated and laminated products.

The machines can use thread as small as a size 138 and as large as a size 554. The intelligently designed shuttle hook in these machines insures less skipped stitches and smooth consistent sewing.

Featuring a compound feed walking foot design with needle feed, feed dogs, and walking style presser foot, these machines feature all three feeding methods available in conventional sewing machines. Perfectly even stitches in forward and reverse are easily achieved with this design.

Offered in two models with 12 inch arm and 16.5 inch arms, the 205 series compound feed machines will prove to be an indispensable tool in your shop or factory.

Special sewing device is very important to improve productivity and sewing quality. We continue to develop speical devices and equipment for 205-370 leather and upholsterysewing machine.

#HT-MC01 Material Guide / Edge Guide: easy to make sure straight stitch

#HT-MC02 Suspended edge and roller guide for Adler 205: get stright stitches with a guide that flips up and out of the way when not in use - never needs removed.

#204-22-011-3 Outside Presser Foot and #0204 220103 Presser Foot for Durkopp Adler 204-370 and 205-370.

#204-22-011-4 Double toe presser foot for saddle and harness: curved desgin of outside double toe presser foot allows closer stitching around edge of hardware, ideal for sewing holters, bridles and harnesses.

#204-22-011-5 Inside walking foot harness maker: creates a groove in the leather and lays the sewing thread in that groove for a tighter pull-down stitch, ideal for sewing holters, bridles and harnesses.

#204-22-011-6 Grooved leather presser foot: the groove underside avoid pressing on thread (for example braided thread) during sewing operation, guarantee perfect finish.

#204-22-011-4-L Left toe presser foot for saddle maker: choose the left foot for closer stitching on the right side, ideal for sewing holters, bridles and harnesses.

#204-22-011-4-R Right toe presser foot for saddle maker: choose the right foot for closer stitching on the left side, ideal for sewing halters, bridles and harnesses.

#204-22-011-3-L Right side presser foot set: for small border sewing operation, closer stitching left side of material.

#204-22-011-3-P Adler 205 climbing presser foot for topstitching (leather sofas, car seat covers etc.)

#205-20-008-0 Throat Plate: standard needle plate for Durkopp Adler 205-370 and CowBoy 205-370.

#205-20-009-0 Harness Maker's Throat Plate: flat needle plate helps you sew straight.

#7441-01-0063 Stirrup plate: perfect for covering stirrup and sewing shoe welts, plate is raised 5/16" so you can get close enough to sew covered stirrups.

#7441-01-0062 Holster Plate: perfect for stitching holsters. Allows you to sew handbags, holsters, pouches and even shoe welts.

#HT-SP-03 Sewing Machine Speed reduction: used in combination with the Servo motor for added power and speed control. This system is ideal for beginner, intermediate and expert sewers as well.

#HT-TA05 Free-arm slide-on table: a flat sewing surface provides you with the most control when sewing (provide more room and ensure improved material feed)

#205-20-007-0 Topstitching Throat Plate: perfect for topstitching leather sofa and armchair, car seat cover, help you sew straight.

#205-370-BH Viberating binder: perfect for binding leather and very thick materials. Click here for DEMO video

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