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Leatherworking tools and leather craft tools

CowBoy 8020 Leather splitting machine

The Cowboy Model CB 8020 is among one of the largest stationary blade splitters ever built for use in leather shops and by leather hobbyists.

The machine features fully adjustable split thickness levels, adjustable bottom roller tension, and a very easy to remove splitting blade.

The CB 8020 is rated to to split approximately 15-16 inch wide pieces of leather in any length. The machine excels at splitting thick leather and works down to leather that is around 6-7 ounces thick before splitting.

The micrometric thickness adjuster allows the machine to split as thin as about 1 ounce off at a time up to 12 ounces in a single pass.

Each CB 8020 is hand sharpened, adjusted, and pre lubricated prior to shipment. The blades are polished and sharpened using a centuries old "hollow grinding" technique that insures the blades will be razor sharp right out of the box.

Each 8020 machine comes complete with all items needed to run the unit, including tools, table, stand, special DC servo motor, and gear reducer drive unit.

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8360 Manual Die Cutting Press Clicker

This bench top clicker has been used for leather, embroidery, badge cutting, card stock, magnetic cards, coasters, small plastic shapes, straps and belt ends, clothing, rubber, key fobs, cork, plastic, felt and many other materials.

8500 Rotary punch for leather belt hole
This rotary punch is built for basic repeat punching in the belt and strap trades. This labor saving unit is easy to use; adaptable to leather and even coated webbing applications. Equipped with with automatic feeding and self-centering gauge that accommodates straps from 1/2? to 4-1/8? wide.

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8116 Hand crank leather splitter for handmade leather workshop and saddlery

The Cowboy 8116 series hand crank machine is the utimate bench mounted splitting solution for doing level splits on very heavy and thick leathers.

The gear driven bottom feeder and long crank handle affords the user the highest degree of mechanical advantage when splitting thick and tough leather hides, belts, and soles of shoes. The machine can split leather, rubber, crepe, and other natural and man made leather products with ease.

The leather craft tool features a fully adjustable thickness gauge allowing the user to efficiently control the depth of the split on each and every piece. This affords a high degree of precision when splitting mutiple pieces.

Each blade is hand sharpened and hollow ground by our expert craftsmen to insure trouble free and easy operstion. Each machine comes with a razor sharp blade out of the box!!!!

Cowboy 8116 machines are covered by our limited lifetime warranty to offer our customers piece of mind before, during, and after the sale.

Cowboy offers blase resharpening services for a very reasonable price allowing buyers to keep their machines running at peak operational efficiency.

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8700 Leather belts embossing machine
This an excellent leather crafting tool for fast and professional embossing of belts, collars,straps and other leather products. You will decorate your leather in no time with the use of pro-embossing machine. It is a must have for all engaged in leather belts ans straps manufacture.

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8701 Belt and strap embossing machine
This is a fantastic leather crafting equipment if you want to make embossed belts, fits a variety of patterned embossing rollers available separately. Belt blanks are passed through the rollers to be embossed.
The top and bottom roller feeding mechanism guarantees perfect emobssing even with very thick leather belts.
We can custom made any embossing pattern rolls according to your design!!

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809 Leather paring machine

It is easily adjustable for the thickness and angle desired. It allows the paring of leather to become a simple routine. Edge-paring and corners are a 'breeze' to undertake and as it is also so precise, preparing onlays and inlays become easy tasks.

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Cowboy 806 Deluxe Leather Splitter for saddle making and leather crafting

This is one of the finest bench splitters manufactured today. When you see the plate steel construction of this splitter, you will know that it is ready for a lot of use. The 6" (152 mm) blade makes it great for skiving straps to a consistent thickness or just thinning down the ends for a buckle. Adjustments will let you set it to get the same results every time.

This Leather splitter is ideal for hobby or light manufacture. Used to thin (skiving) leathers down to a uniformed thickness. Fully adjustable to split most thicknesses of leather. Note these are made mainly for vegetable tanned leather.

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CowBoy 800 Leather splitter, leather skiver

The Cowboy 800 leather splitting and skiving machine is an excellent choice for the leatherworker on a budget that requires a very sharp, efficient leather splitting machine for doing a multitude of leather splitting operations around the workshop.

Featuring the ability to do both lap skives (tapered skives) and level skives (same thickness throughout length) this machine will prove to be a workhorse in any leather workers shop.

Each blade is hand sharpened by hollow grinding by our expert craftsman to produce a blade edge that is razor sharp. Each blade is heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 65-68 which insures that the machine will hold an edge over many hours of use.

A quick and easy depth stop adjuster allows the user to level skive leather to any thickness.

Depending on the type of leather used, this machine can split leather up to 4 inches wide. A 6 inch wide blade length allows ample room for inserting wide pieces into the machine.

Each Cowboy 800 series leather craft tool is backed by our lifetime limited warranty giving the end user peace of mind in knowing that we will stand behind this machine both before, during, and after the sale.

Cowboy also offers blade resharpening services for a very affordable price to allow you to protect your investment and keep your machine running at peak efficiency.

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