Ledernähmaschine für steppnähte von Ledersofa & Ledercouch mit dicken Faden

dot  Besonderen ornamentalen nähmaschine für ledersofas steppnähte mit dicken Faden

dot  Schwerer industrie nähmaschinen für fest genäht und abgesteppt polierscheibe

dot  Automatischer Musterrigelautomat für vernähen von 2 Zurrgurte & Spanngurte

dot  Programmierbare Nähmaschine für die herstellung von schuhen (Sonderanfertigung)

dot  Schwere Zwei-Nadel Säulennähmaschine für Zierstepparbeiten mit dicken Faden

dot  Schwerer Nähautomat zum nernähen von Hebebändern mit großem Nähfeld

dot  Schweren frei programmierbaren mit großen nähfeld für Spanngurte & Zurrgurte

dot  Säulenmaschine mit Dreifachtransport für perfekte dekorative Steppnähte (sofas)

dot  Frei programmierbarer Nähautomat für militär taktische Ausrüstung, Gürtel

Schwerer Nähautomat zum nernähen von Hebebändern mit großem Nähfeld

HIGHTEX GLK911-8020 Extra-large sized electronically controlled pattern sewing machine for reinforcement stitching extra-heavy duty slings, straps and belts, such as heavy duty lifting sings, (boat lifting slings and other slings for offshore applications), bulletproof vest carrier, body armor, military and tactical gear, aircraft arrestor tapes (tapes for aircraft arrester system) and rescue lift etc.. With working area of 800mm X 228mm.

Sehen Sie hier ein Video über die Funktion

The new sewing technology for manufacturing heavy weight & large size lifting slings, cargo straps, safety harness and others. The GLK911 series extra-large area electronically controlled pattern sewing machines have been developed taking into account the requirements of the textile slings and other technical textile articles. Its design with several new technologies, perfectly adapted to the sewing averages qualified materials, heavy and very heavy.

The advantages:

1, Super large working area allow for sewing large size project by one time (for example webbing cargo nets, boat lifting slings, military and tactical gear, aircraft arrestor tapes, bulletproof vest carrier, upholstered panels wall, headboards, automotive seat cushions, aerospace upholstery etc.);

2, Heavy duty sewing machine head with robust construction and proven reliability;

3, The special large Barrel shuttle hook and bobbin capacity offers high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread;

4, One person can operate two sewing equipment at same time, tremendous wage saving;

5, Machine automatically stops if bobbin (spool) thread runs out in the middle of sewing;

6, New technology of this machine are optimal conditions for manufacturing heavy weight & large size lifting slings, cargo straps, safety harness, webbing netting and upholstery;

7, Programmable (free software), updating and storage easier;

8, Simple to use, no serious training required;

9, Easily affordable.

This extra heavy duty large field electronic controlled pattern sewing machine is completely assembled, tested, serviced and delivery by large plywood crate (Ready to Sew).

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