MLK200-3020 Lowest Cost Automatic Programmable Pattern
Sewing Machine for Leather, Webbing and Clothing

Cheap Automatic programmable Pattern Sewing Machine
Cheap electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

Cheap Automatic Pattern Sewing Machine

Cheap programmable Pattern Sewing Machine

Your advantages:

1. The lowest cost automatic programmable pattern sewing machine available on the market today;

2. This inexpensive automatic pattern sewing machine is not same as other cheap programmable sewing machine, but use the best Chinese electronic controlling system;

3. The large sewing area of the HighTex MLK200-3020 allows it to be a versatile electronic pattern industrial sewing machine for use in many different sections of the clothing and textile industry;

4.The adoption of the universal serial bus (USB) makes programming, updating and storage easier. Widely available inexpensive Flash Memory sticks can be used;

5. Sewing patterns, stitch numbers and stitch length can be set with-in the sewing area using the included hand held programming unit with clear LCD screen and easy to follow icon driven menus;

6. The Direct Drive system of this low cost programmable pattern sewing machine improves sewing acceleration and save about 40% electric when compared with conventional machines;

7. All units are thoroughly tested before delivery, ready to operate out of box, very easy to use and maintain.


functional or decorative stitching on shoes upper, leather bags, lightweight lashing straps, webbing lanyards, pet leashes, harnesses & collars, leather bags, wallet, phone case, card holders, jeans, clothes, upholstered piece, and attaching label, widely used for many different industries.

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Max. Sewing Speed:

2000 rpm

Hook Type:

2 times large rotary hook

Sewing Area:

300 x200mm

Needle System:

DPX17 #18

Max. Thread size

#10 (=T-270, V277, 840dx3)

Optimal sewing thickness:

2-5mm of thick leather, webbing and clothing

Bobbin size:

Outside Dia. 25mm, Height 11mm

Stitch Length:



Aluminum bobbin

Work Holder Lift :


NeedleBar Stroke:


Presser Foot Lift:


Presser foot stroke:

4 mm to 10 mm

Max. QTY of Patterns:

10000 patterns

Needle cooler:

Cold air

Pattern Storage :

Internal & USB

Pattern Input :

Digital Keypad

Max. Number of Stitches:

8000 per pattern

Drive Motor:

Limi-Servo (450 Watts)

Air pressure:

0.6 MPa


200-240 Volt 1 or 3 Phase

Thread trimmer system:

Horizontal engagement with fixed knife and movable knife

Package (plywood case):

1200x1230x 1300 MM, G.W: 190KGS

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