MLK600-3020 The latest heavy duty automatic pattern sewing
machine for cargo straps, safety harnesses and lifting slings

MLK600 automatic cargo straps sewing machine
MLK600 lashing straps sewing machine

MLK600 ratchet straps sewing machine

Hirose HST-A hook

Your advantages:

1. High production efficiency due to its high sewing speed (Max.1600 RPM) provides high efficiency;

2. Large rotary hook with 3 times bobbin capacity helps reduce the frequency of bobbin thread changing when sewing with thick thread up to metric size #10 (=T-270, V277, 840dx3);

3. Programmable presser foot height control by stepping motor according to the material thickness, easily sew 9mm thick webbing straps;

4. Most affordable function/price ratios to match your budget. With this automatic sewing equipment it is possible for small factories / production companies to make the first step to automated production for inexpensive price;

5. Extended warranty for a total of 3 years from delivery date;

6. It incorporates ball bearings for the arm shaft and hook shaft, a drive belt and a plunger oil pump mechanism for automatic lubrication ensuring a smooth, quiet operating environment and extra long working life;

7. Additionally, we have 20 years of experience providing turn-key programmable sewing machine systems to a global market. Vast experience in serving customers from the productions of cargo straps, safety harnesses and lifting slings.


1. Cargo webbing: heavy duty ratchet straps, load restraint equipment, cargo restraint ratchet strap, lashing straps and tie down straps, tow strap, recovery strap;
2. Safety harness webbing: safety harnesses, full body harness, fall protection harnesses, seat belts, backpack straps, rescue belts, safety lanyard,slackline webbing;
3. Webbing for lifting and hoisting (nylon or polyester): lifting slings, crane slings, rigging slings and other industrial lifting belts;
4. Military webbing: parachute harness, military straps, army vest, military equipment & tactical gear.


Max. Sewing Speed:

1600 rpm

Hook Type:

3 times large rotary hook

Sewing Area:

300 x 200mm

Drive Motor:

Limi-Servo (750 Watts)

Needle System:

DPX17 #14 to #26

Max. Thread size

Metric#10 (=T-270, V277, 840dx3)

Optimal sewing thickness:

4-9mm thick synthetic webbing(Nylon, Polyester etc.)

Bobbin size:

Outside Dia. 30mm, Height 11mm

Stitch Length:


Tariff code (HS code):


Work Holder Lift :


NeedleBar Stroke:


Presser Foot Lift:


Presser foot stroke:

4 mm to 10 mm

Max. QTY of Patterns:

10000 patterns

Needle cooler:

Cold air

Pattern Storage :

Internal & USB

Pattern Input :

Touch screen

Air pressure:

0.6 MPa


200-240 Volt 1 or 3 Phase

Thread trimmer system:

Horizontal engagement with fixed knife and movable knife

Package (assembly):

1240x1110x 1330 mm, G.W: 280 KGS

Lubrication system:

Replenishment with the oil braids from oil tanks

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