CB 8700 Leather belt embossing machine with custom rolls

---The ultimate embosser for handmade custom leather belts

8700 leather belt embossing machine

Your advantages:

1. This leather embosser is designed to achieve precision quality embossing, creasing, and cutting of leather belts and leather straps;

2. This leather belt roller embossing machine is an invaluable tool for use in any leatherworkers shop: emboss, crease, and cut leather with the simple to use hand crank;

3. Using commonly available dies made widely available in leather industry, any belt or strap can be embossed using this handy bench tool;

4. This leather strap embossing machine has an option for a heated embossing roll with will allow for clearer and crisper patterns to be embossed in many different types of leather;

5. This leather roller embossing machine has an option for a motor drive unit and this can be added to the machine allowing ample production capacity for larger shops;

6. The machine features a pressure adjustment function in which the user can adjust the depth of the embossed pattern as well;

7. We can make for custom leather embossing rolls by any quantity according to your design click here for roller's patterns / designs.


Handmade leather belt, custom leather straps, personalized leather collar


Size of embossing rolls:

Outer Dia.:38mm, inner Dia: 25.5mm, Length: 30mm, Keyway:5(depth)x3(width)mm

Material of embossing rolls:

High quality brass

Leather type:

Vegetable Tanned Leather and Veg Tan Hides (NOT for soft upholstery leather)

Packing size:

190x430x280 mm, G.W: 14 KGS

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