72600PLK Extra heavy duty high speed automatic pattern sewing
machine for cargo slings and webbing harness

72600PLK/S Heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine
with cylinder bed for Big Bag handle loops and soft loop straps
72600PLK Heavy duty high speed automatic pattern sewing machine
Brother BAS-342G

Brother BAS-311H programmable pattern sewer with cylinder bed

Brother KE-484C rotray hook
Left hook is for 72600PLK, right is normal hook

Your advantages:

1. Upto 1000 rpm high sewing speed guarantees high efficiency;

2. The extra large rotary hook and bobbin capacity (6 times bigger than normal) reduces the number of bobbin changes even for thick thread;

3. Can easily sew 2-4 ply synthetic webbing (3 mm of each together);

4.The advance automatic thread trimmer is special designed for cutting thick thread;

5. The low voltage closed-loop electronic control system ensure precise stitch quality;

6. HighTex offers a wide variety of labor saving devices to maximize productivity and quality;

7. These heavy duty programmable electronic pattern sewing machines are completely assembled and delivered by strong plywood case (Ready To Sew out of box)


Cargo slings and webbing harness, webbing loops, lifting loop (lifting belts) of Big bags (FIBC), container bag handle loops, soft loop straps and endless slings, soft loop tie down straps, ratchet straps, lifting slings, spanzet, seat belts and safety harness, parachutes harness, backpack straps, rescue belts, vest, military equipment, sports goods and fall protection equipment.

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Max. Sewing Speed:

1000 RPM

Hook Type:

6 time Large horizontal axis hook

Sewing Area:

72600PLK: 300x200mm, 72600PLK/S: 300x100mm

Needle System:

Schmetz DDx1 (#24) , 328 (#180)

Max. Thread size

Metric #8, V346, T-350, 1100Dx3

Optimal sewing thickness:

4-12mm thick synthetic webbing(Nylon, Polyester etc.)

Bobbin size:

Outside Dia. 34.5mm, Height 15.1mm

Stitch Length:


Control system:

Closed-Loop Control

Work Holder Lift :


NeedleBar Stroke:


Presser Foot Lift:


Presser foot stroke:

4 mm to 10 mm

Max. QTY of Patterns:

520 patterns

Needle cooler:

Cold air

Pattern Storage :

Internal Memory USB

Pattern Input :

Touch Screen

Max. Number of Stitches:

8000 per pattern

Drive Motor:

Limi-Servo (750 Watts)

Air pressure:

0.6 MPa


200-240 Volt 1 or 3 Phase

Thread trimmer system:

Horizontal engagement with fixed knife and movable knife

Feeding System:


Package (plywood case):

1360x1220x1220MM, 270 KGS

Tariff code (HS code):


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