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Since 2006, Hightex started to design and manufacture specialized industrial sewing machine for the U.S. armed forces, its allies, the defense industry and commercial OEMs.

For over 10 years, our customers have relied on HIGHTEX manufacturing company for custom-sewing automation that meet their stringent military specifications, production needs, quality standards and delivery requirements.

Hightex 733PLC super heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine for military parachute harness: This is the heaviest programmable pattern tacking machine in market today! Equipped with extra large barrel shuttle & bobbin (31.7mm dia. × 44.1mmL), and 66mm needle bar stroke ensures extra extremely strong needle penetration force). It can stitch extremely rigid parachute harness made of 4-ply Mil-W-4088 military spec Nylon webbing with each of 4.5mm, total thickness 18mm).

Click here for DEMO video

Hightex #GLK700-6040 wide area automatic programmable pattern sewing machine: this heavy duty automated sewing equipment features in large sewing field (600 x 400 mm) and large Barrel Shuttle hook (same to Mitsubishi PLK-E1008-H and Durkopp Adler 506-3). With custom made sewing frame for sewing pattern on panel of bullet proof vest, military tactical gear, Body Armor.

Click here for DEMO video

Hightex #7273CNC heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine for stitching military webbing straps and safety harness: This extra heavy duty programmable pattern tacking machine feature in large Barrel shuttle hook has been specially designed for processing the extreme thread and material thickness of heavyweight materials. With automatic thread trimmer/burner and custom made clamp/sewing frame for US Military (Army) straps.

Click here for DEMO video

Hightex #72008 Heavy duty electronic, programmable bar tacking & pattern tacking machine for air rescue systems: this automated sewing machine features in large Barrel Shuttle hook (same to Mitsubishi PLK-E2008-H and Durkopp Adler 506-3) and practical electronic controlling system. This machine can easily sew 2-5 ply synthetic webbing slings (3.5mm of each) together or stitch 2 ropes with each of 6-18mm(diameter).

Click here for DEMO video

Hightex GLK911-8020 Extra-large size programmable pattern sewing machine for reinforcement stitching extra-heavy duty slings, straps and belts: This custom made sewing automation equipped with extra large barrel shuttle & bobbin (31.7mm dia. × 44..1mmL) and large sewing area (800mm X 228mm). Ideal for sewing patterns on heavy duty lifting slings, (boat lifting slings and other slings for offshore applications), bulletproof vest carrier, body armor, aircraft arrestor tapes (tapes for aircraft arrester system) and rescue lift etc.

Click here for DEMO video

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