dot  马鞍和马具专用皮革缝纫机

dot  长臂厚料船帆缝纫机(人字车)

dot  集装袋和吨袋专用缝纫设备

dot  吊装带缝纫机和登山绳缝纫机

dot  抛光轮自动缝纫机(一人多机)

dot  地毯曲折拼缝机和包边缝纫机

dot  汽车座套和沙发粗线压线机

dot  网绳包边缝纫机和锁边缝纫机

dot  帐篷缝纫机和降落伞缝纫机


Model 9517UL: medium weight high speed walking foot straight and zigzag sewing machine, ideal for joining two pieces of all kinds of carpets, rugs and mats together.

Model 9266: extra heavy duty straight stitch and zigzag sewing machine, design for assembling extremely thick carpets. Features in extremely strong needle penetration force and large bobbin capacity (spool capacity).

Model 9204ZZ: heavy duty walking foot zigzag sewing machine for carpets, rugs & mats. This is specialized industrial sewing machine for carpet industry and rope netting industry. 15mm presser foot lift, top and bottom feeding mechanism (walking foot) guarantee constant seam quality and more security for your production. The 16mm zigzag width (wider than any other zigzag sewing machine built today) is very helpful when sewing two carpets and rugs together.

Model 9366-31: extra heavy duty long arm straight stitch and zigzag sewing machine. The initial purpose of this industrial zigzag sewing machine is for repairing and making boat sails. In many case, this machine is used for sewing and assembling large size carpets, for example hotel carpets, restaurant carpet, Hospitality Carpet, industrial carpets and other custom made carpet & rugs.

Model 7335:Tape Binding Machine for Car mats (Industrial), this tape binding machine for sewing or stitching all kinds of car mats, boat mats, caravan mats. With inside and outside curves. With different kinds of backing.

Model HR-4A/4B: Heavy duty carpet overedging sewing machine, it is Single needle, plain feed, flat Bed, three thread overseaming stitch Machine for overedging carpets, rugs, etc (HR-4A). Model HR-4B is designed for two thread overseaming stitch. Curved line sewing and small circles are available by HR-4AC and HR-4BC. Extra heavy duty machine designed especially for overedging very thick carpets with wide overseam width up to 12mm.

Model HR-5F: heavy duty carpet fringing machine, fringing of different kinds of carpets: Woven carpets, high pile carpets, tufted carpets, needle punch carpets, blankets, & All different kinds of backing.

Model 2502: carpet overedging sewing machine is suitable for sewing car carpet, It is made for overedging in tufted carpets or rugs, blankets jute or poly bags and other extra heavy materials. Overedging (whipping, serging) of different kinds of carpets Woven carpets, high pile carpets, tufted carpets, viscose carpets, needle punch carpets, and all different kinds of backing. Sewing of 2 carpets together.

Model 81200-TP: carpet serging sewing machines, it is the heavy duty carpet serger for serging on any heavyweight. A 3/8" serge edge with top and bottom driven rear pullers, this machine gives definite no slip feeding. Also available without pullers is model 81200.

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