828A Automatic hot knife webbing cutting machine for

lashing straps, ratchet straps and safety harness webbing

hot knife lashing straps cutting machine
Polyester webbing cutting machine

lashing strap cutting machine

seat belt cutting machine

Your advantages:

1. Excellent price/performance ratio;

2. High precision cutting;

3. Durability of using knives;

4. Automation of any cutting processes;

5. The machine stops when the tape has run out;

6. Auto-save the cutting settings;

7.Cut and seal the material in same time for simple future processing;

8. Using PLC controlling system, very easy to operate and setting;

9. Maintenance costs are extremely low


ratchet straps, lashing straps & tie downs, safety belts, fall protection equipment & safety harness, rescue belts, safety lanyard, military webbing straps, seat belts and medium weight lifting belts

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Max. cutting width:


Quantity of hot blades:

Single (Top hot knife)

Cutting length:

10mm to 10000mm

Material of hot knife:

SKD11 steel

Max.temperature of blade:

600 C

Counting system:

Independent digital encoder

Time delay:

2 to 30 second per cutting

Length of blade:


Blade driven method:

Pneumatic lift and down

Cutting tolerance:

+1mm / -1mm

PLC type:

Closed-loop Control Systems

Air pressure:


Power of heating tube:




Max. cutting thickness:

7mm of thick webbing made of Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene

Optimal sewing thickness:

1-3 mm of thick webbing made of Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene

Package (plywood case):

770 x 830 x 1135mm, G.W: 110 KGS

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