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CowBoy leather sewing machines and leather cutting machines are widely used by American and Australian saddle makers and harness makers.

These leather sewing machines come with a full array of sewing attachments designed by saddlemakers and leathercrafter who has over 40 years of saddle making experience.

CowBoy leather sewing machines have been in selling in United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Australia since 2000. Our strong point is to realise customised solutions and we are able to offer the most suitable products for the highest possible productivity and seam quality.

Model CB 3200: US PATENT PENDING. The lowest cost heavy-duty compound feed walking foot leather sewing machine for stitching saddles and harness available on the market today. The machine can sew leather products as well as nylon webbing and also coated materials such as Beta and Biothane webbing.
Model CB 4500: this extra heavy duty cylinder bed compound feed and walking foot leather sewing machine has been recognized as a standard saddle and harness stitcher in American and Australian saddlery industry, to handle traditional leather saddles as well as Cordura - Nylon - Synthetic saddles.
Model 7205AE: the robust heavy duty leather sewing machine, stitch heavy harness, saddles and heavy tack items better than any other machine built today.
Model 7341AE: the medium weight saddle stitcher is for the specialist bridle worker or sewing chaps, headstalls, Fine Sewn bridles & harness. The scope is endless that can be done on this handy machine.
Model 740: a medium flat bed leather sewing machine that is a bit bigger than normal and fits up to 16mm (5/8”) under the Feet and ideal for sewing chaps, covers, zippers and horse rugs.
Model 7132UL:an old favorite in the saddlers shop, this leather stitcher comes with reverse and positive walking Foot for accurate feeding through of canvas, webbing and other medium to heavy materials used in making saddle cloths and horse rugs.
Model 733: the 733 class harness stitcher specialized in sewing 5-cord nylon or heavier thread used in the manufacture and repair of safety harness, heavy saddle pads, felt and other very heavy work.
Model 7972: patcher style leather sewing machines are found in every shoe repair shop in countries around the World. The are used to repair stitching and tears in shoe and boot uppers. These machines are unique in that they are fed entirely by the pressor foot, which revolves in a full 360 circle.
Model 7-9: the heaviest leather sewing machine specialized in sewing thick horse tacks and safety harness.
Model 78810: this post bed leather sewing machine is designed for stitching very light to medium heavy leathers, boot tops, shoes and upholstery fabrics where quality stitch formation is of the utmost importance.
Model 800: a handy tool for saddle makers and handmade leather craftsman, economically-priced skiver is great for lap and level skiving.
Model 8116: hand crank leather splitter is a hand driven splitting machine is an amazing asset to any shoe repair or leather work shop.
Model 801: a high quality blade make this a handy 6” all purpose splitter a must on every bench. Lap skiving or splitting it will do it with ease and won’t break the bank.
Model 818: leather splitter for cutting the heaviest harness leather and cut as light as Deerskin.