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CowBoy CB3200 Low cost heavy duty leather sewing machine--Saddle and Harness Stitcher (US PATENT APPROVED)

We are pleased to introduce the latest model in the cowboy sewing machines lineup --the CowBoy model CB-3200 compound feed walking foot saddle and harness stitcher. This machine is the lowest cost heavy duty compound feed saddle and harness stitcher offered in the market today. The patent applied design of this machine insures even stitches in a variety of heavy materials. This machine features very high quality parts and workmanship, and about 50 percent of the parts are interchangeable with CowBoy model CB4500 sewing machine, as well as other 441 style clones.

This machine is United States Patent Approved.

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How to oil your Cowboy CB3200

How to thread your Cowboy CB3200

How to adjust thread tension

The compound feed design and the shuttle hook of the CB-3200 is the same type that is featured on much more expensive machines, such as the Juki TSC-441, DURKOPP ADLER 205-370 and CowBoy CB-4500. This machine uses many of the same parts as the CowBoy model CB4500, Juki TSC-441, and other 441 clones. The machine has the same shuttle hook, bobbin, bobbin case, needle bar, rock frame, presser foot bar, needle, presser feet, needle plates, as well as the same exact front end assembly. The feeding mechanism of this machine is identical in every way to the above listed machines. The compound feed walking foot design of this machine insures even feeding over the most difficult to feed materials. It is an excellent choice for the person who needs a compound feed heavy duty machine at a much more affordable cost than other machines on the market.

The Cowboy model CB-3200 is an ideal machine for sewing most lightweight, medium weight, and heavy weight leather items. The machine will sew as light as a couple pieces of 3-4 ounce chap leather, all the way up to 3 layers of 12 ounce harness leather. The maximum sewable thickness of this machine is around 5/8" thick. The machine features a fully operational compound feed walking foot mechanism, fully adjustable stitch lengths from 4-16 stitches per inch, as well as a fully operational reverse mechanism. The machine has fully adjustable top and bottom tension mechanisms, as well as fully adjustable presser foot tension mechanisms. The ratio of height between the inner and outer presser foot is also adjustable, allowing this machine to sew over multiple steps of material with ease.

A full array of attachments are available for this machine including speed reducer, material guides, left right, and double toe harness feet, and fabric and padded material feet. Different feed dogs are also available such as smooth feed dogs and toothed feed dogs. A full assortment of different needle plates are also available for this machine such as holster plates, stirrup plates, and flat slotted needle plates. All presser feet and needle plates are made of solid investment cast stainless steel. Cowboy is the only manufacturer on the market to feature solid stainless steel accessories for their sewing machines. The machine can sew leather products as well as nylon webbing and also coated materials such as Beta and Biothane webbing.

The CowBoy model CB-3200 heavy duty industrial leather sewing machine represents an outstanding value for the person who desires to engage in production work of leather goods and many other items. This machine is the ideal choice for sewing chaps, chinks, leather pouches, horse tack, bridles, breast collars, halters, reins, holsters, knife sheaths, saddles and harness, synthetic materials such as nylon, Biothane, and Ohiothane, and other various coated and laminated products. Because this machine also features a fully operational compound feed walking foot mechanism, this machine is also an ideal choice for hard to feed materials such as sheep's fleece and hair on cowhide.

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